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Reasons to Choose a Niche Broker-Dealer: Mondeum CEO Michael Milani Interviewed by Stock Trading Pro’s Pete Renzulli

In a recent video by Stock Trading Pro, host Pete Renzulli interviewed Michael Milani, CEO of Mondeum Capital, who discussed how the competitively priced, client-centric broker-dealer is establishing itself as a landing spot for experienced active traders. Renzulli, who provides stock market financial education, asked Michael about various aspects of choosing the right broker.

In the interview, Michael and Pete discuss:

  • Different ways a broker like Mondeum can add value (4:42):

    “A broker can add value by making sure you have the right tools and the right inventory at the right price.”

    Michael reviews how a broker can add value by looking at traders’ stock loan and stock locate processes to evaluate prices. Michael and Pete go on to discuss in depth what short selling can mean to a trader. Michael recommends traders start looking at stock loan and stock locate prices and recognize that these may change based on inventory.
  • Reasons an active trader might consider opening an account with Mondeum (12:25):

    “Mondeum caters to very active, day-to-day traders.”

    Michael details how Mondeum being a low-commission broker helps experienced traders achieve their goals. By charging a flat rate of $0.0005 (5 mils) per share across the board, Mondeum removes the need for traders to negotiate commission rates while also equipping them with various pre-set smart order routes and the ability to create custom routes.
  • How Mondeum works with traders to create a trading experience that meets their needs (29:54):

    Mondeum prioritizes timely client service to ensure that its traders can talk to real people who can help them solve issues efficiently. Michael explains how Mondeum’s trading platforms, DAS Trader Pro and Sterling Trader Pro, both come with hotkey functionality and how the trade desk is available to assist traders with their software setup and configuration.

You can view Michael’s full interview with Pete here.


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