Other Fees

Money Transfer Fees

Per Transfer
ACH Deposit
ACH Withdrawal
Wire Deposit
Wire Withdrawal
Transfer Return

Voluntary Action Fees

Per Instance
Assisted Trade
Corporate Action


  • Assisted trades are trades placed by the firm’s Registered Representatives on behalf of clients in instances when clients are unable to enter their own trades for rare unforeseen circumstances. Registered Representatives on the Trade Desk do not provide recommendations and will only place trades upon the direction of the client. Assisted trades require clients to communicate directly with the Trade Desk via a phone call and confirm the order via an email associated with the account.
  • Corporate actions include, but are not limited to, voluntary purchase offers and rights offers.
  • Inactivity fees are fees charged for accounts that are paused for 90 day.


  • Money transfer fees and voluntary action fees are subject to change at any time.