Equity Trading Fees

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Equity Trading Fees Overview

Our competitive prices are designed to ensure that our advanced traders get the most value for their money.


Commission Fee

Per Share

Routing Fees

Add Liquidity Take Liquidity
Custom Routes
By Request
By Request
Lit Venues
By Request
By Request

Trading Fees

Billed On Trade
Administrative Fee
0.000010 per share
0.000030 per share estimate
Pre/Post Market Fee
0.003000 per share
Reporting Fee
0.000001 per share
0.000029 x dollar amount (sell side only)
0.000119 per share (sell side only)
Billed End of Day
Daily Short Locates
As quoted
Overnight Borrow
4x average charged locate rate for first night, additional days charged at 1x average charged locate rate

Margin Interest Rates

Debit Balance Interest Rate
$0.00 - $9,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 850 Basis Points
$10,000 – $24,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 825 Basis Points
$25,000 – $49,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 800 Basis Points
$50,000 – $99,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 700 Basis Points
$100,000 – $249,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 675 Basis Points
$250,000 – $499,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 650 Basis Points
$500,000 – or more
Fed Funds Rate + 600 Basis Points


  • The Administrative Fee is a fee that Mondeum Capital assesses to cover costs of account maintenance and ongoing surveillance.
  • The NSCC Fee is a regulatory fee that the NSCC assesses that covers the cost of clearing transactions. Due to the nature of the calculation of the NSCC fee, there is no per-transaction formula that will produce an exact result. Accordingly, the figure provided is an estimate and you may be charged a different fee.
  • The Pre-/Post-Market Fee is a fee that Mondeum Capital assesses to cover the higher cost of executing orders during pre- and post-market trading.
  • The Reporting Fee is a fee that Mondeum Capital assesses to cover the costs of routine and ad-hoc financial reporting.
  • The SEC Fee is a regulatory fee that the SEC assesses to offset the governmental costs associated with regulating the equities market.
  • The Trading Activity Fee (TAF) is a regulatory fee that FINRA assesses to recover the costs of supervising and regulating member firms.


  • The above is a representation of popular route venues and not an exhaustive list of all available routes. There may be other routes available that are not listed here, which may charge a fee.
  • ECN, TAF, SEC and NSCC Fees are fees from exchanges and market makers that are not included in commission charges. These fees and any other trading fee imposed by parties external to Mondeum Capital are passed on to the client. Non-marketable orders (any order not in a multiple of 100 shares) may also incur an ECN fee.
  • The Margin Interest Rate charged to your margin account will not exceed the highest rate listed above, subject to any future changes in the broker call rate or written notice of an adjustment to the rates added to the broker call rate.
  • Hard-to-borrow short locate fees will be passed on to the client. These fees will vary.
  • Odd lot positions (less than 100 shares) will be rounded up to the nearest hundred shares for determining overnight borrow rates.
  • Fees, rates and commissions are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Those changes may not be accurately reflected on this page.
  • All trading fees and commissions are rounded up to the next hundredths decimal place when assessed.
  • Rebates are subject to forfeiture in the event an electronic communication network or exchange does not remit a rebate to Mondeum Capital.
  • For orders directed to exchanges, Mondeum Capital’s routing broker-dealers may explore more economical destinations so long as the client is not disadvantaged by said exploration.
  • Mondeum Capital reserves the right to charge or adjust for venue, routing or exchange fees based on vendor changes in routing rates. Mondeum Capital also reserves the right to mark up or adjust any routing fees at our sole discretion.
  • The time of the execution will dictate what executions are eligible to be charged pre- and post-market charges. For example, an order entered at 8:30 am ET and filled at 10:00 am ET will not be billed as a pre- or post-market execution. An order entered at 2:00 pm ET but filled at 5:00 pm ET will be billed as a post-market execution.