About Us

We provide the technology, tools, and service you need to trade.
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What is Mondeum Pro?

Mondeum Pro is a product offering of Mondeum Capital catered to the active trading community. Mondeum Pro offers access to platforms for self-directed equity trading.

What makes Mondeum Pro different?

We live in a world in which zero commission firms receive Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) and sell customer orders to market makers. Depending on your style of trading, this could mean worse fills or higher latency to the exchanges. After all, you get what you pay for.

We feel that PFOF should be a decision left up to the trader. We charge a flat commission of 5 mils ($0.0005) to cover our costs and allow our traders the option of routing their orders to a PFOF venue to collect a portion of the payment themselves.

Be the Customer, not the Product

As a sophisticated trader: choose dark vs. lit routes, midpoints, smart-order routers, whatever you prefer. 

If you decide that you’d like to collect a small payment to sell your order flow, go right ahead.

Take back control – choose your route, sell your order flow, you own it.

Pros like to know

Find out about the latest tools and technology from Mondeum Pro. We are constantly evolving to make sure our pros get what they need.