Equity Trading the Pro Way

Depending on your trading strategy, Mondeum Pro enables day trading of stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for cash flow, swing trading for event or news-driven trades, and buy and hold trading and investing.

At Mondeum Pro we focus on providing experienced traders with low latency and smart order routing technology, speedy execution and choice of platforms to suit their unique needs. We get that every trader has his or her own approach. We are just here to power up your potential.

Benefits Trading

Why choose Mondeum Pro?

Equity trading designed for Pros

Fast and Reliable Support

Trade confidently knowing that your trade data is secure. Our customer services team is there to support pro traders. We maintain a robust infrastructure that has been designed for advanced trading.

Competitive Pricing

We offer customizable pricing structures based on trading volume and the specific needs of each trader’s strategy.

Smart Order Routing Technology

Mondeum Pro, through its relationship with routing brokers, provides Smart Order Routing options that search for liquidity across multiple lit, dark, and midpoint venues to get traders the best liquidity and best possibility for price improvement.​

Powerful Trading Platform

Traders have access to a dynamic trading platform that is highly configurable and used by experienced traders around the world.

Our Trading Platforms

Pro traders need access to platforms that meet their requirements. Mondeum Pro proudly offers DAS Trader Pro and Sterling Trader® Pro, systems used by active traders across the globe.

DAS Trader Pro

A powerful trading platform for active traders, Direct Access Software (DAS) is a leader in trading technologies. Take advantage of real-time market data, advanced features, order routing and more.

Stable and Robust

Supporting its powerful executions, DAS is a preferred partner with Nasdaq and suited to provide instant streaming of the market data you need for trading.

Advanced Charting

With multiple drawing tools and 30+ indicators, DAS provides all the tools you need to analyze your charts and quickly react to changing markets.

Sterling Trader® Pro

High performance. Highly configurable. Used by experienced traders across the globe. This dynamic platform is the most widely used platform by professional traders. Powerful performance and configurability. Just what advanced traders ordered.

Hot Key Trading

Utilize over 100 hotkey options for faster order entries.

Charting, Watch Lists And Scanners

All the right tools to help you take advantage of opportunities in the market.


Explore our commission charges, account costs, and other fees. We offer per terminal pricing
and market data based on your specific needs. There are no hidden costs!





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