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An Active Trading Broker That Lets Its Users Fight for Every Inch: LiveTraders Interview with Mondeum CEO Michael Milani

Michael Milani, CEO of Mondeum Capital, recently sat down for a video interview with LiveTraders to discuss what makes Mondeum different from other active trading platforms and a compelling choice for experienced traders. LiveTraders is a collaboration of professional traders who have not only vast market knowledge and experience, but also a hunger to help their fellow traders become high performers in their own right.

Over the course of the conversation, Michael discusses:

● His professional history and how it has influenced Mondeum’s business model:

“I was a trader first and foremost…Like a lot of you, I had trading charts posted up all over my walls with entry points and exit points and moving averages.”

As a former member of the active trading community, Michael applies his understanding of the self-directed trading landscape as CEO of Mondeum Capital to bridge the client service gap and address common trader pain points.

● Mondeum’s routing autonomy:

“Having the ability to route your orders where you want to is paramount, especially for professional traders.”
Mondeum’s trading platforms empower traders with fast executions using a suite of smart order routes. Traders can even earn a rebate when using the MONDPFOF route.

● Mondeum’s progressive pricing:

“One of the things I always hated…is negotiating with your clearing firm or your brokerage firm in terms of commissions. We wanted to make things very straightforward and simple; it’s a 5 mil commission charge …”

Mondeum, Michael explains, is not a commission-free broker. However, with a flat-rate cost of $0.0005 (5 mils) per share, regardless of trade volume, its pricing model is competitive.

● What’s next for Mondeum:

“My phrase I tell my team all the time is, ‘We want to crawl before we can fly.’ [Looking ahead], we will be opening up options on DAS and Sterling.”

As of this writing, Mondeum offers traders the choice between Sterling Trader Pro and DAS Trader Pro. These platforms, both advanced and widely used by the active trading community, deliver a highly configurable trading experience. Looking ahead, the company plans to leverage industry relationships to forge additional partnerships and support additional platforms and asset classes.

Michael also stated that Mondeum is looking to accept account applications from international clients by the end of the year.

Considering trading with Mondeum Pro? New clients can enjoy 3 free months of Sterling Trader Pro® or DAS Trader Pro when they open and fund an account with Mondeum. Click here to get started.


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