Empowering Traders: Mondeum’s Flexible Order Routing Capabilities

Order routing decisions can be among the most complex aspects of the trading workflow. At Mondeum, we recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to meet the unique needs and overcome the diverse obstacles of our entire client base. That’s why our firm provides self-directed traders the autonomy to manage their routing with a selection of smart order routes.

Mondeum Pro provides traders with advanced platforms and the level of control and flexibility needed to optimize trading performance, including the freedom to choose exactly where orders are sent. Our variety of smart order routes enables users to expose their orders to both dark and lit venues, and even select a PFOF route so they can collect a portion of the rebate themselves. Traders can choose between Sterling Trader® Pro and DAS Trader Pro, both of which come with the functionality and speed required to execute their equity and ETF trading strategies.

With platform features such as advanced charting, real-time market data and custom alerts, Mondeum Pro offers a multitude of ways for traders to take control of their trading, manage personal preferences and get the most out of their order flow. And with a smooth onboarding process and a transparent pricing model, we make it as easy as possible to derive these benefits.

That’s just a taste of how our next-gen offering arms active traders with the cutting-edge solutions they need to compete in today’s markets. Interested in getting started with Mondeum Pro? Reach out today to start your journey. Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

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