An Innovative Broker for Experienced Traders: Mondeum CEO Michael Milani Interviewed by Avery Day Trading

A recent video by Avery Day Trading featured Michael Milani, CEO of Mondeum Capital, who discussed how the low-cost, client-centric broker-dealer is establishing itself as a landing spot for experienced active traders. Host Kevin Avery, who posts informative content ranging from day trading recaps to pre-market analysis livestreams and more, took questions from his community of self-directed traders who follow him on YouTube.

In the interview, Michael and Avery discuss:

  • Mondeum’s high-touch approach to client service:

“A more high-touch approach has become a bit lost in this ‘mega-fintech age’.”

Michael discusses how Mondeum, a boutique and bespoke broker-dealer, caters to active traders who require specialized routing strategies. As part of its customer-centric business model, the firm prides itself on a high level of responsiveness to client requests. Mondeum traders feel heard and understood – they’re treated as valued clients, not like they’re the product.

  • Mondeum’s pricing transparency and platform offerings:

“The active trading landscape is as competitive as ever…We’re looking to appeal to high-quality customers.”

With a flat commission rate of 5 mils per share, Mondeum’s pricing model helps it to stand out from the crowd. This competitive pricing, Michael explains, is meant to offset the cost of the high volume of trades often made by the firm’s target audience. Additionally, Mondeum supports both Sterling Trader Pro® and DAS Trading Pro, both of which are robust platforms .

  • How Mondeum puts power back in the hands of traders:

“We give our traders1 the ability to have dropdowns and route their orders…whether it be lit2 venues, dark3 venues or smart order routers. But most importantly, we give our traders the ability…to use our PFOF route to sell their own order flow to the market if they want to.”

Michael details how Mondeum puts the ball in the traders’ court by providing them the ability to direct their order flow and make routing decisions for themselves. In a market where commission-free trades often lead to increased spreads and other hidden costs, Mondeum traders can select a payment for order flow (PFOF) route to collect a portion of the rebate for themselves—or dispatch their orders via one of Mondeum’s other Smart Order Routes.

You can view Michael’s full interview with Kevin here.

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1The reference to “our traders” refers to clients of Mondeum Capital conducting self-directed trading.

2A “lit” venue is a public exchange for trading securities, such as an electronic communication network. Lit venues refer to exchanges where bids and offers are posted publicly.

3A “dark” venue is a private exchange for trading securities, such as an alternative trading system. Dark venues refer to exchanges where bids and offers are not posted publicly. Trades executed on dark venues are only posted publicly after the trade has been executed and reported.


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