About Us

Catering to Active Traders
Who Demand a Higher Level of Attention

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Who We Are

We are Mondeum Capital, a regulated online broker-dealer specializing in delivering technology and progressive pricing to active traders. Our leadership team has decades of experience with active trading clients and has the infrastructure and economies of scale to be competitive in the marketplace. 

More Power to the Pros.

You have the Talent.
We have the Technology.

Together, anything is possible. 

We understand that competitive pricing, execution speed, and robust, stable, low-latency technology are what skilled traders need to be successful. We obsess about getting our clients exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

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Mobile Trading Platforms

Why us?

Because at Mondeum Capital you’re not just an account number.

You need us to be at our best to be at your best. 

We understand the needs of the active trading community.

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